What My Crazy Vacation and Running a Startup Have in Common

by Chuck Swanson ~ June 25th, 2013

Chuck Swanson While there are a lot of traits that might be considered requirements for running a startup, there are two that came to mind as I made my way back from a rather interesting vacation; resiliency and the ability to laugh and smile. These two traits can get you through quite a number of situations; situations that you will no doubt run into running a startup and situations you sometimes run into when on vacation (at least my recent vacation).  

What Kids (and Potatoes) Taught Me Today

by Chuck Swanson ~ May 9th, 2013

Chuck Swanson So, today I had the distinct privilege of being a chaperone for my daughter’s second grade class as they set out for the Oregon Food Bank to volunteer. You see, May 8th is Mount Hood Climb Service Day at her school, where every student from Pre-K to grade 12 does community volunteering to honor the nine people killed when bad weather overcame their hiking party on Mount Hood in 1986.  

Is Google Places the Place to Be?

by Jason Nuss ~ April 1st, 2010

Jason Nuss Google just announced the launch of Google Places – which seems at first glance to be a renaming of their Local Business Center with some added features and benefits. That’s fine with me – simplification is always a good thing when involving some ancillary benefits, and I personally like the additional benefits Google is claiming.