Using PPC and Adwords to Create an SEO Keyword List

by Chuck Swanson ~ April 24th, 2013

Chuck Swanson Putting that SEO keyword list together is important part of any website optimization effort. Of course the keyword list, while forming the foundation for your SEO efforts is critical it should never be a static list. It should evolve and morph over time as you see ranking success (or no ranking success), measure keyword site traffic, or adjust to meet changing client products and solutions. That said you should obviously put your best foot forward, which isn’t always easy!  

Google AdWords Express gets even easier for the Digital Marketing Agency

by Jason Nuss ~ February 15th, 2013

Jason Nuss If you’re a digital marketing agency that uses Google AdWords for your clients, and specifically My Client Center (MCC) to manage those accounts, you’ll be interested to know that you can now manage AdWords Express accounts through your MCC account.  

New SlideShare – Adwords (PPC) Best Practices

by Chuck Swanson ~ June 25th, 2012

Chuck Swanson We recently had a client request some tips for managing an Adwords (PPC) campaign, so we put together a deck that walked them through some of the key things to consider when setting up and running Adwords.  

PPC Campaign Management – 2 Questions That Need Answering Prior to Kickoff

by Jason Nuss ~ June 14th, 2012

Jason Nuss There are questions that every PPC campaign manager should ask when designing a program. I mean, they should ask them if they want to be successful.  The thing is, Google is not going to ask you if you’ve done your homework. They will ask you for payment though, and if you haven’t asked yourself the following questions you’ll probably  

Could Facebook Challenge Amazon in Online Commerce

by Chuck Swanson ~ December 1st, 2011

Chuck Swanson So most of the talk lately has been whether Google+ will challengeFacebook in the consumer social media network space. Not going to happen! But… I would ask whether Facebook could potentially challenge Amazon in the consumer online retail space. Now there’s a battle I’d like to see.   With just over $34 billion in online sales last year, a 40% increase over the previous year, Amazon leads the web in sales. Impressive numbers to be sure, and I especially like how Amazon recommends additional purchases based on who also bought what you just did. Pretty slick.  


Depending on what you spend each month on paid search, you could be doing it all wrong. A strong mix of short-tail and long-tail keywords can help drive cost-per-clicks down. Of course we’re talking Google Adwords here. Have you ever considered Facebook or LinkedIn paid advertising?

Digital C4 believes that PPC has its place in most marketing mixes, but not all paid search is (or should be) created equal. Our strategy is simple… we work with you to define and profile your target audience. We then put a plan in place to test the paid advertising landscape – including Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn – to determine the optimal channel(s) to move forward in.



Digital C4 PPC Process Simplified