Top 5 PPC Trends for 2015 – According to the Internet

by Jason Nuss ~ January 9th, 2015

Jason Nuss We’ve entered a new year and some of you may have been wondering, like me, what the rest of the PPC Advertising industry is thinking will be the trends for 2015. So, I’ve done some digging and pulled together a list of the top 5 trends, as I see them, which I found.  

11 Must-do Activities For A Successful Google AdWords PPC Campaign

by Jason Nuss ~ November 18th, 2014

Jason Nuss Managing a Google AdWords account isn’t just setting up a campaign, some ads, and adding keywords. There are many activities and processes that go into managing and optimizing a campaign.  

PPC Best Practices – Setting Up Google AdWords With All The Right Stuff

by Jason Nuss ~ October 8th, 2014

Jason Nuss Last week we talked about establishing goals and objectives before launching out with a PPC campaign. This week let’s talk about what to do right after you setup your campaign!  

PPC Best Practices – Establishing Campaign Goals and Objectives

by Chuck Swanson ~ September 26th, 2014

Chuck Swanson This is the first post in a four-part series that my business partner, Jason Nuss, and I will be writing on pay-per-click (PPC) best practices. This first post will cover the importance of setting campaign goals and objectives. We’ll then share thoughts and insights on:  

Using PPC and Adwords to Create an SEO Keyword List

by Chuck Swanson ~ April 24th, 2013

Chuck Swanson Putting that SEO keyword list together is important part of any website optimization effort. Of course the keyword list, while forming the foundation for your SEO efforts is critical it should never be a static list. It should evolve and morph over time as you see ranking success (or no ranking success), measure keyword site traffic, or adjust to meet changing client products and solutions. That said you should obviously put your best foot forward, which isn’t always easy!  


Depending on what you spend each month on paid search, you could be doing it all wrong. A strong mix of short-tail and long-tail keywords can help drive cost-per-clicks down. Of course we’re talking Google Adwords here. Have you ever considered Facebook or LinkedIn paid advertising?

Digital C4 believes that PPC has its place in most marketing mixes, but not all paid search is (or should be) created equal. Our strategy is simple… we work with you to define and profile your target audience. We then put a plan in place to test the paid advertising landscape – including Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn – to determine the optimal channel(s) to move forward in.



Digital C4 PPC Process Simplified