Are SEO Mistakes Costing Your Business Money?

by Chuck Swanson ~ May 6th, 2016

Chuck Swanson Everyone makes mistakes. Though some may be costlier than others for your business.   With so many consumers using the internet to research products and services, your website should not only stand out with great design, it should be easy for searchers to find.  

Google Update: How the New Search Layout Affects Marketers

by Jason Nuss ~ March 30th, 2016

Jason Nuss Have you noticed? Google did some spring cleaning recently and changed their search engine ranking page (SERP) for Desktop views.   In this recent change, they removed paid ads on the right side and now display a limited number of ads above and below organic search results.   This means more changes for paid search (PPC) and search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns. Read on to learn more.  

Google Algorithm Updates – What You Need to Know

by Jason Nuss ~ February 19th, 2016

Jason Nuss In the last few weeks, did you notice your rankings change or fluctuate in search results? This may have been thanks to another sweep of Google core algorithm updates.  

It’s Not Too Late – Avoid Upcoming Google Penguin Updates

by Jason Nuss ~ December 4th, 2015

Jason Nuss Update: Since this post was written, we learned the Penguin updates expected at the end of the year have been delayed until 2016, according to a Google spokesperson.  

Google Updates: Say Hello to Local 3-Packs

by Chuck Swanson ~ October 19th, 2015

Chuck Swanson Have you heard? Google made another sweeping change to offer an improved way of listing local businesses in search results. Say "bye bye" to local 5 or 7-packs and "hello" to the new and improved 3-pack layout as Google moves toward offering more mobile-friendly search options.  


Our two search engine optimization offerings include a comprehensive, ongoing SEO effort that encompasses an on-page and off-page concerted effort as well as a one-time SEO effort that focuses solely on your website property.

Our comprehensive SEO approach encompasses research and analysis of competition and keywords, the optimization of your main website pages, the optimization of content rich, dynamic content (think blogs, videos, etc.), and a robust off-page strategy that builds links and establishes directory presence.

Our one-time SEO solution focuses solely on the first three and leaves off-page efforts to your in-house team.