Social Media Marketing and Blogging – They’re Things You Just Need to Do!

by Chuck Swanson ~ March 8th, 2013

Chuck Swanson We’re constantly speaking to clients, prospects and friends about the power of social media and blogging. What kind of power and what ROI expectations usually become part of the conversation. I certainly understand the need to justify marketing spend; my marketing roots are in direct response, where measurement and ROI reign supreme. That said I think that too much focus is spent on ROI when it comes to social media marketing and blogging.  

CafeGive Social – Turning Marketing into Cause Marketing

by Jason Nuss ~ February 8th, 2013

Jason Nuss Social Media Marketing activities are typically self-centered. I don’t say ‘self-centered’ in a bad way, just stating a fact that when you’re social media marketing, you’re usually attempting to build online brand visibility, and social community, for you, your business, your brand, or someone else’s brand.  

Are you an SMB that struggles to integrate social media?

by Jason Nuss ~ September 11th, 2012

Jason Nuss Are you an SMB that struggles to integrate social media? Apparently you’re not alone. In a recent article published by eMarketer, the percentages showed about 50% of SMB’s don’t currently use social media to engage their audience. About 25% don’t even plan to in the next 12 months. That’s amazing, and telling.  

Make That… 8 Unpleasant Truths About Social Media

by Chuck Swanson ~ August 22nd, 2012

Chuck Swanson I recently got (and read) my Fast Company magazine’s September issue. You know… the one that had “Social Media is Sexy” on the cover. Not sure whether or not social media is sexy or not; surely more sexy than direct mail or email, but perhaps slightly less sexy than television advertising? That could be a blog topic for another day and one that would be fun to write... okay mental note made.  

Starbuck’s Social Media Lesson – Something We Can All Learn From

by Chuck Swanson ~ July 18th, 2012

Chuck Swanson Just read the Business 2 Community blog by Melissa Agnes – Starbuck’s Lesson:  A Social Media Attack Can Arise When Least Expected – and it highlights a social media marketing lesson that everyone who uses social media should understand clearly:  


Social media marketing is all the rage, but is it right for your organization? We tend to think that there’s definitely a place for social media, whether it’s selling product or sharing content. Digital C4 can work with you to explore your social media marketing opportunities and then help use your networks for the sharing of content – ideas, blogs, videos, etc. – that can have your brand being part of the conversation.

After all, today that conversation is as much a part of your sales cycle as any other more traditional part, so being part of it is not just smart, it’s imperative.

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All of these have a potential role in delivering your voice – your message and brand perception – that you want people to hear. Contact Digital C4 so we can help you determine the best way to capitalize on social media today.