Blog Management & Marketing

A good company blog forms the foundation of social media marketing. It creates the starting point for social dialogue that will work to position your organization as a thought leader within your market. It invites prospect, customer, and industry discussion on various topics of interest and it helps to create online brand visibility. It also helps to drive corporate website traffic and sales by providing better search visibility around keywords and phrases, thanks in part to the dynamic nature of the content itself.

Google has placed increased importance on new, fresh, dynamic content, and even Matt Cutts, Google’s search marketing guru, espouses the importance of content like blogs in search visibility. From design to programming, content and editorial schedules, and integration with an overall social marketing strategy, we’re here to help. We can promote all blog content throughout social media, and register your blog at the hundreds of blog aggregators throughout the internet – increasing your blog visibility and readership.

If you already have a blog, is it active? We can increase the quantity of blog content currently being posted, taking your blog to the next level. Your blog is active? Great! We can make sure that your blog posts are optimized and utilizing search engine optimization best practices – a critical step to opening your blog’s visibility to your core audiences.

Contact us today! We can help with your blog development or help with your existing blog maintenance and optimization.

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