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Posted by on Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013 at 11:56 am
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Mark EvertzHow many of you are worn out from chasing Google’s tail with SEO? No need for a show of hands. We live your pain every single day. Ask any SEO expert and they’ll tell you that while you still need to employ smart on-page best practices, the industry is moving more and more to one that is driven by the production and deployment of good content. In fact, good content is not just an inbound requirement, it also is pinnacle to a good outbound demand generation strategy, one that is more and more built around the persistent – and hopefully business-relevant – communications enabled by marketing automation platforms.


With that in mind, we’re excited to announce that Mark Evertz has joined the Digital C4 team as part of our Nitro group designed to help organizations make the most of their marketing automation investments. Mark will spearhead our new demand generation strategy business unit charged with helping companies:


  1. Understand their unique buyer personas and how and why they purchase products
  2. Define what types of content are most preferred by certain personas, where it should be positioned at the stages in a buying cycle and identify content gaps
  3. Create new high-performing email, landing page and downloadable content pieces or refresh existing content to fill those gaps
  4. Design lead nurturing programs that introduce content in buyer persona-targeted social and paid environments online to enhance top-of-the-funnel growth.
  5. Leverage Marketing Automation platforms as a prospect nurturing and lead-qualification tool so that only those who are most likely to buy will be passed on to sales reps
  6. Move prospects through complex sales cycles with content they can use to actually accomplish business goals
  7. Understand marketing analytics to optimize inbound, outbound and event-based programs that result in the highest return on marketing investment


As a founder of C4 this business decision to bring both inbound and outbound together is a natural evolution of our agency and the market at large. Many organizations, and even agencies, have all of these tools and tactics with no rule book on how to put them all together to be efficient with marketing spend, and they often don’t yield a higher quality of lead that sales is looking for to grow revenue.


In many ways, marrying smart inbound marketing such as SEO, paid search, social media marketing and even blogging lend themselves nicely to intelligent outbound demand generation marketing and marketing automation, provided there exists that smart rule book for putting them all together. They fill the top end of the lead funnel by engaging prospects. If outbound demand generation marketing is done correctly, the leads at the top of the funnel move to the bottom of the funnel and convert to sales-ready leads.


Most recently he was the Content Director and Demand Gen Campaign Strategist for Left Brain DGA, where he served enterprise B2B clients such as Lenovo, Sage Software and others. He’s also held similar roles at Babcock & Jenkins and startups as well as established enterprise organizations.


Be sure to check out our website as we build it out with information to support our new service offering, or contact us to learn more. We’re excited to help our clients and other organizations make the most of their outbound lead generation efforts in the weeks and months ahead. And welcome aboard Mark!



Chuck Swanson

Chuck is one of the founding principals at Digital C4 and an 18 year marketing veteran. Having worked across multiple disciplines from direct marketing to search and digital, with brands small and large, he brings a holistic viewpoint to his blogs. Married with two little girls and a passion for Boston sports keeps him busy in his off-hours.