C4 Weekly News Roundup – July 27, 2012

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Weekly News RoundupThis week went by in the blink of an eye, though I still felt a day behind. Yesterday was Friday for some reason. Anyhow, here are some stories and blogs we found worth sharing, including some crazy social media marketing mistakes and some search engine optimization (SEO) tips for your keyword list. We’d love to have you add a comment with other articles or blogs that made your list.


Epic Fail: Barclay’s Facebook Debacle Highlighted the Chasm Between the Bank and Its Customers


This ReadWriteWeb blog from Taylor Hatmaker really underscores how companies can make huge mistakes using social media. Banks have been reluctant to jump into channels like Facebook given the exposure it provides their customers and this gaff by Barclay’s clearly exemplifies why. This is a great live-and-learn case study for companies that may have some possible baggage to deal with.

Chick-Fil-A Accused of Setting Up Face Facebook Account


Here’s another example of how to NOT do Facebook. In an effort to combat negative Facebook posts regarding their stand on gay marriage, Chick-Fil-A is accused of setting up fake accounts and posting comments in their favor. This sort of tactic will most certainly always come back to bite and on a channel like Facebook, the negative repercussions could possibly be more damaging than what they were trying to overcome in the first place.


Prioritizing Your Keywords


Nick Stamoulis in his Search Engine Guide blog, talks about how to best prioritize your keywords. It still amazes me how many companies DON’T have a well-thought out keyword list. If your one of the smart ones that have compiled a list, distributed it to your marketing team, agencies, and writers, then this blog does a nice job of showing you which keywords to focus on first.



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