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Weekly News RoundupThe weeks are piling on now as we slowly head into fall – at least it feels that way. It was 45 at my house this morning and back to school shopping is in full swing. Here are some stories this week that caught our eye…


Kodak set to quit camera film and photo paper business


This is sad news to folks my age or older, who grew up with cameras. No, I mean real cameras that took pictures with film. You then took that film in to be developed and sometimes got it back in a hour; more likely got it back in a few days. It was like opening presents, since you didn’t know how those pictures came out, just that you took them. Digital photography certainly is more flexible (and instantaneous) but there’s a certainly part of me that misses the old days!


New Penguin Update:  SEOs Beware!


Penguin update 1.2 or 2.0 (depending on how they version them) is set to release soon. How will this update affect websites? Well the article references a Twitter response sent from Google’s own Matt Cutts that points at linking as one area of concern.


“@joshbachynski saw your comment on Barry’s post. Certainly links are a primary area to monitor. Been true all this year; expect to continue.”


So I guess now would be a good time to review your link building strategy!


5 Things PPC May Be Telling You About Your Business (Without You Realizing!)


The immediacy of PPC relative to SEO can provide some great insight into your organization, besides drive leads. Read the article for the details, but here are the 5 things referenced in the article:


  1. Impact of Branding Exercises
  2. Website and/or Landing Page Performance
  3. Insight into Your USP’s
  4. Insight into Your Audience’s Language Behavior
  5. Popularity of Certain Products


All great points to be sure! I might also add that you can get some pretty quick insight into the performance of keywords, which can help you with your SEO efforts, but that’s another blog for another day.



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