Search Translation, Outdated SEO, and Social Media Rule #40 – C4 Friday Roundup

Posted by on Friday, August 10th, 2012 at 2:49 pm
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Weekly News RoundupThis week we check out two articles that talk about the wrong way to approach search and SEO; namely outdated tactics and sure-fire ways to limit impact when going global. Then we dive into social media gag orders and how it impacts Olympians. Enjoy your weekend!


Global CMOs:  Here are 6 Reasons Why You Cannot Manage Search Through Translation


This search engine land article by Andy Atkins-Kruger tells CMOs what they don’t want to hear… that translation is not the answer for global search. From imperfections in translation to keyword alternates to grammatical variations, simple translation simply won’t get you the desired results when it comes to search in foreign languages.


Translation doesn’t work for any marketing, frankly, so why would it work for search? I’ve seen many a blown marketing campaign by folks who thought that simply changing the language was the way to go. The reality is that you need to think ‘localization’ to get it right! Different languages have different cultures behind those languages. It’s time to think holistically!



10 Old SEO Methods You Need to Stop


This Search Engine Watch article by Greg Habermann outlines 10 tactics that most of us SEO types have used in the past that just aren’t cutting these days. With all the Google Panda and Penguin updates that have come down the pike our way in the past couple of years it’s time that old-school SEO providers wake up (or move over). Every industry on the planet changes, which requires every company on the planet to evolve of face certain extinction. It’s been this way for ever. Not going to change.



Why the Olympic Games Social Media Policy Failed


This Brian Solis guest post by Eric Schwartzman paints a clear picture on why Rule 40 of the Olympic Games social media policy completely missed the mark. I couldn’t agree more! State funded athletes are at a huge advantage here versus corporate funded athletes like those in Western countries. Not being able to promote a brand whatsoever using social media not only kills free speech, but puts these corporate sponsored athletes in a pickle. Isn’t this supposed to be about sport?



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