Inbound Marketing, Facebook, and Iran – C4 Friday Marketing Roundup

Posted by on Friday, August 3rd, 2012 at 7:16 pm
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Outbound Marketing, Facebook, and Iran. C4 Friday Marketing RoundupInbound Marketing, Facebook, and Iran; what do they all have in common?  Well, they’re all in this blog post, that’s what.  We found some great reads this week and these are the few we thought we’d share in this week’s news Roundup.


Market Smart in Stormy Times: Market Content

We all know that in tough times it gets harder to spend money, particularly on marketing. This article from Search Engine Journal, written by Jen Carroll of Pole Position Marketing (@martijen), talks about the growing shift from outbound marketing to inbound marketing. The shift is happening for a couple reasons as the article states. One is economics.  As the economy moves along slowly, inbound marketing is saving companies money over expensive outbound campaigns.  Two is inbound marketing is hitting people where they are. People are online more and more.  The article calls it marketing ‘smart’. I’ve never tried to market dumb, nor would I recommend it, but I tend to agree that inbound is the way to go.


Facebook DOES NOT have 83 Million Fake Accounts, Relax

Recent Facebook statistics to come out show that nearly 10% of its accounts are fake. If you were like me you probably thought “Who cares?”, or rather “I’m SO surprised. (sarcasm)”. This blog by Jason Keath (@jasonkeath) of socialfresh does a great job of explaining what it all probably means. From business accounts to private accounts there are a lot of reasons why there are probably 83 million ‘fake’ accounts. One stat I’d like to see is how many young kids are lying about their age, you’re supposed to be 13 years old, and joining Facebook.  I bet that number is staggering too!


Iran nuclear facilities hit by cyber attack that plays AC/DC’s Thunderstruck at full volume

This article, by,  has to take the cake for the funniest read of the week. This quote from the article says it all!


“It has been alleged that unidentified computer hackers have forced workers at two of the country’s controversial nuclear facilities to endure AC/DC’s hit song Thunderstruck repeatedly – and at full volume – sometimes in the middle of the night.”


Although I think this is very funny, and clever, it is somewhat disturbing that a nuclear facility’s systems can be hacked. I’m hoping the damage done is limited to some annoying music being played and doesn’t lead to a major incident.



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