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Google asks: Is Your Website Mobile-Friendly?
Changes in SEO: Google Requires Websites Be “Mobile-Friendly”

Digital Marketing Insights for 2012

by ~ December 14th, 2011 in Marketing

Chuck Swanson As 2011 winds to a close (which frankly is hard to believe since it was just January!) we decided to roll out what will be our annual Digital Marketing Insights for the following year. Our Insights will focus on the three areas that make up our agency offering of helping companies improve their online brand visibility: search engine marketing, custom content creation and blogging, and social media marketing.  

Could Facebook Challenge Amazon in Online Commerce

by ~ December 1st, 2011 in PPC

Chuck Swanson So most of the talk lately has been whether Google+ will challengeFacebook in the consumer social media network space. Not going to happen! But… I would ask whether Facebook could potentially challenge Amazon in the consumer online retail space. Now there’s a battle I’d like to see.   With just over $34 billion in online sales last year, a 40% increase over the previous year, Amazon leads the web in sales. Impressive numbers to be sure, and I especially like how Amazon recommends additional purchases based on who also bought what you just did. Pretty slick.  

Two Google Updates and their Effect on SMB SEO

by ~ November 16th, 2011 in SEO

Chuck Swanson Google continues to make changes to their search algorithm that effect the way that small and medium sized businesses rank. While their changes make it difficult for SMB’s to compete for search engine ranking share there’s also an opportunity for those SMB’s that think strategically, and aren’t afraid of creating unique, custom content.  

Is Google+ Uniquely Positioned to Win Social Enterprise with Google Apps Integration?

by ~ November 2nd, 2011 in Content

Chuck Swanson A recent article in on listed the following reasons Google+ has an advantage over other social business platforms, and could win over the social enterprise.  

A Google+ Fail – At Least I Think So

by ~ October 19th, 2011 in Social Media

Chuck Swanson A couple blog posts ago my business partner Jason wrote about 5 Reasons Google+ will Fail and +1 Why it Will Succeed.  The main reason (that he touched on) Google+ will fail is that they are simply too late to the party. If Google had launched their social networking solution at or around the same time as Facebook then they might have had a chance, but waiting until Facebook is the third largest country on the planet by numbers is just too late!  

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Changes in #SEO : Google Requires Websites Be “Mobile-Friendly” <--Today's the Day!!
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Changes in #SEO: Google Requires Websites Be “Mobile-Friendly”
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Changes in SEO: Google Requires Websites Be “Mobile-Friendly” #SEO #mobilefriendly
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