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PPC Campaign Management – 2 Questions That Need Answering Prior to Kickoff

by ~ June 14th, 2012 in PPC

Jason Nuss There are questions that every PPC campaign manager should ask when designing a program. I mean, they should ask them if they want to be successful.  The thing is, Google is not going to ask you if you’ve done your homework. They will ask you for payment though, and if you haven’t asked yourself the following questions you’ll probably  

Welcome to our New Website

by ~ June 1st, 2012 in News

Chuck Swanson If we’ve seemed a little quiet lately that’s because we’ve been busy on a whole lot of fronts. We’ve got some fantastic new clients, some great work we’ve been busy with, and we’ve been building a new website.  

The Social Media Opportunity for Traditional Brand Marketers

by ~ May 9th, 2012 in Social Media

Chuck Swanson While there are some traditional brands that have leapt into social media with success – Ford comes to mind – there are many others that don’t see the benefit. Or perhaps it’s more than likely that they view social media as beneath them or not a viable medium for their brand message.  

The Future of Smart Search Engine Optimization Starts Now

by ~ April 15th, 2012 in SEO

Chuck Swanson I was recently reading a blog on ReadWriteWeb that highlights Matt Cutts’ video that discusses the importance of good content over SEO. He goes on to say that they try to make it so that “sites don’t have to do SEO” and that there’s “no bonus for having good SEO.”  

Blogging is Anything but a Dinosaur

by ~ April 5th, 2012 in Content

Chuck Swanson I recently read Wendy Montes de Oca’s blog over at Target Marketing entitled, Is Blogging the Online Dinosaur? Before I could even imagine what she was thinking my eyes read down to the short third paragraph that said, “I beg to differ.”   Phew!  

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