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11 Must-do Activities For A Successful Google AdWords Campaign
11 Must-do Activities For A Successful Google AdWords PPC Campaign

What Kids (and Potatoes) Taught Me Today

by ~ May 9th, 2013 in Business

Chuck Swanson So, today I had the distinct privilege of being a chaperone for my daughter’s second grade class as they set out for the Oregon Food Bank to volunteer. You see, May 8th is Mount Hood Climb Service Day at her school, where every student from Pre-K to grade 12 does community volunteering to honor the nine people killed when bad weather overcame their hiking party on Mount Hood in 1986.  

Using PPC and Adwords to Create an SEO Keyword List

by ~ April 24th, 2013 in PPC

Chuck Swanson Putting that SEO keyword list together is important part of any website optimization effort. Of course the keyword list, while forming the foundation for your SEO efforts is critical it should never be a static list. It should evolve and morph over time as you see ranking success (or no ranking success), measure keyword site traffic, or adjust to meet changing client products and solutions. That said you should obviously put your best foot forward, which isn’t always easy!  

The Effects of Content Integration on your Homepage

by ~ April 18th, 2013 in SEO

Chuck Swanson Last June we undertook a website overhaul that resulted in us placing our blog content on our homepage. This isn’t revolutionary by any stretch, but we wanted to showcase a fresh stream of content relevant to what we do as an agency; I mean after all, isn’t that what site visitors (and… ahem… Google too) want?  

Has your site been hacked? Yah, so has mine.

by ~ April 11th, 2013 in Marketing

Jason Nuss You're not alone if your site has been hacked recently. We've been hacked multiple times in the past few months. It seems that once you're on "the list" you're life is going to be miserable until you do something about it. So, do something about it is what I decided to do. Hopefully I'll be good moving forward. Here's what I did...and to preface, I'm not a developer guru, I'm a digital marketing guy with a technical background...big difference.  

Search Engine Optimization and Content Marketing – The Same Thing? YES!

by ~ April 5th, 2013 in SEO

Jason Nuss Over the past couple of years Google has implemented a number of algorithm changes (Panda and Penguin) that have helped blur the lines between search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing. And that’s a good thing! When I first started optimizing websites back in the day it was more science and less art; link building and keyword density ratios made for a rather scientific approach to constructing and optimizing sites for search. This has all changed and frankly we have Google to thank!  

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