For many people, comprehensive search engine optimization (SEO) efforts are needed to bring your site their site the visibility they need to compete on search engines. There are some sites that are already optimized nicely and performing admirably. For a lot of these sites there’s something missing, however, that might be overlooked by their SEO provider – or perhaps overlooked internally from one department to another – and that’s what we call GapSEO™.

Fresh, dynamic content is so important to visibility and SEO, and in some companies is produced quickly and efficiently. Blog posts, articles, press releases, e-newsletters, and videos are cranked out and posted regularly to help reduce sales cycles and bolster their social media presence. But are they optimized? Alarmingly in most cases they are NOT.

Let Portland-based Digital C4 provide GapSEO for you. Just send us your content before you post it, and we’ll turn it around quickly with proper optimization. We’ll track changes, make recommendations, and provide the optimized content back to you, ready to post. We can even optimize content that is already posted.

Filling in this “gap” allows your crucial, fresh content to work even harder for you and your company. It’ll rank better, appear in search results faster, and even help your main site improve its visibility.

Contact Digital C4 today for a customized estimate on this critical service.

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