Pay Per Click Advertising (Google, LinkedIn, Facebook)

Paid search advertising, most often called Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, is the most popular form of online advertising.

  • It’s measurable – you know what you spend, what you get for that spend – you know what to continue doing, what to stop doing – optimize results
  • It’s highly targeted – your ad will appear when people are searching for solutions or products you can deliver on
  • It’s versatile and can be used to compliment an existing marketing program, support a service or product launch, or as its own independent advertising vehicle
  • It’s controllable – you set your monthly, weekly, daily budgets – set time of day when ads show – set geography – and more

Paid advertising today goes beyond Google and Bing. Today, PPC can play out on search engines AND social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn (and more). Depending on what you’re selling, all, or one, of these properties can be a valuable lead generation tool.

Our PPC services include the following activties, and more:

  • Keyword research
  • Campaign creation
  • Ad Groups and Ad creation
  • Bid management and optimization
  • Multi-variant, A/B testing
  • Localization – multi-location business? no problem
  • Optimization – bids, ad copy, landing pages, negatives, QS
  • Landing page creation – A/B variants, CTAs, etc.

Every company has a different use for a Pay Per Click advertising campaign. We’ll help you figure it out if you’re new to the game. If you have an existing program, maybe it’s been running on auto-pilot or you haven’t been happy with the results, we can evaluate your historical data and come up with a plan to move forward with optimization and goals.

There is no shame is saying you haven’t had time, or you don’t know it all. Letting it go on, though, could cost your company money. Improve ROI with Digital C4’s Pay Per Click management services. We’re located in beautiful Portland, Oregon but we have clients all over. We’re just a phone call, or an email, away.

We can give you a free quote. Seriously, reach out!

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