Search Engine Optimization

Achieving visibility on Google, Yahoo and BING through organic search optimization is as much an art as it is a science. It’s more than keywords. It’s about your website structure, competition, your use of keywords and phrases, and how your site is linked to other relevant industry related sites. It’s now also about the freshness and relevance of the new content available on your site, whether that be site copy or blogs.

Portland based Digital C4 combines a comprehensive website search optimization strategy with the intelligent use of your keywords and phrases throughout relevant internet properties. SEO is a process, but we’ll work with you to increase your website’s visibility among your prospects and customers. We’ll help you build your websites credibility by employing a strategic content, directory, and link building process proven to improve your search engine rankings.

Our two search engine optimization offerings include a comprehensive, ongoing SEO effort that encompasses an on-page and off-page concerted effort as well as a one-time SEO effort that focuses solely on your website property. Each solution encompasses the following activities:

    • Research and Analysis
    • Business comprehension
    • Understand the targeted geography
    • Understand the campaign objectives and goals
    • Extensive research & analysis for selected, targeted keywords
    • Detailed domain analysis
    • Detailed study and analysis of competitor websites
    • Keywords and traffic benchmarking

Site Optimization of Main Website Pages

    • HTML title tags optimization
    • HTML description tags optimization
    • Keywords tags optimization
    • Content optimization of existing pages based on keywords
    • Internal HTML structure optimization
    • Introduction of alt tags
    • HTML anchor tags optimization
    • HTML link structure modification

Our comprehensive, ongoing SEO effort also includes an extensive directory submission and link building program.

Contact us today for a complimentary domain analysis and an SEO recommendation that’s right for you and your organization.

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