5 SEO Link Building Techniques to Boost Rankings

Posted by on Friday, March 4th, 2011 at 3:30 pm

Link building is a key component of any search engine optimization strategy, but like any part of search marketing, do it wrong and you can realize the wrath of Google. So avoid any black-hat SEO link building techniques – those tactics that do not comply with Google’s terms of service – and stick with smart, white-hat strategies that will improve your search rankings.

Here are 5 safe, compliant, white-hat link building practices that will work hard for you.

1.       Write quality blogs using relevant keywords and then share the blog socially on sites like Digg, Delicious, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Mixx, etc. These sites have a high Google PageRank which help boost your site/blog’s link juice. Blogs that do considerably well don’t necessarily have to be lengthy, but should help answer questions or solve problems. We particularly like those blogs that contain lists, such as 5 SEO Link Building Techniques to Boost Rankings.


2.       Take the blog posting and re-write it in the form of an article. Again, you’ll want to follow the same principles of blog writing, and be sure to make the article relevant, useful, and optimized with your site’s keywords. You can then post the articles at the numerous article directories available to you – again many of these have a high Google PageRank and thus boost your site’s link juice. And while Google’s algorithm has changed so that the articles themselves won’t rank, the link is still valuable! Some of these directories include:


·         EzineArticles.com

·         ArticlesBase.com

·         ArticleCube.com

·         GoArticles.com

·         SearchWarp.com

·         IdeaMarketers.com

·         ArticleAlley

·         ArticleBiz


3.       Use press release sites such as PRWeb or PRLog at minimum when you write a press release. Even better, if you have the budget for a PR firm, they will often have access to countless distribution lists, all of which could add a link back to your site.


4.       Comment on other companies or peoples’ blogs and include a link back to your blog or site. Try to stick with blogs that are relevant to your organization, as this will help rankings better than links from sites or blogs that have no bearing on what it is your company does.


5.       Use social media! Sites like Twitter and Facebook have Google PageRanks that are off the chart, so any links back to your site from these properties will boost your site’s link juice significantly. Besides, with the number of users on Facebook and Twitter at any given point in time, it’s also a great place to post your blog, press release or other company announcement.

These are just 5 of the many ways to build links to help you boost your search engine rankings. If you have any questions on these or are looking for other tips, drop us an email or post a comment below!



Chuck Swanson

Chuck is one of the founding principals at Digital C4 and an 18 year marketing veteran. Having worked across multiple disciplines from direct marketing to search and digital, with brands small and large, he brings a holistic viewpoint to his blogs. Married with two little girls and a passion for Boston sports keeps him busy in his off-hours.