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Social media is dramatically changing the way that consumers interact with each other, share content, and make buying decisions. In the old days (2007?) companies would define their brand and messaging, and PUSH it to their prospects and customers. Today, companies are creating brands which are being redefined by consumers through social media conversation – PULL marketing. Brands that participate in these conversations transparently will be rewarded with loyal market share. Those that don’t… well they won’t (or at least they’ll be behind their competition.)

Digital C4 isn’t a social media marketing company building Facebook campaigns and promotions. Rather, we examine, explore, and create – when necessary – the social media network that’s right for you; where your prospects, customers and partners are conversing. It’s here where we use this social gathering to share content – whether it’s your custom content, or third-party content that’s worth a share.

Some of the social media networks that may be a fit – and it differs for each company – include:

  • Facebook: As the third largest country in the world, Facebook has tremendous marketing potential for many companies, and is likely going to establish itself as an ecommerce platform ripe to challenge Amazon. Is Facebook the right place for your brand? Ask us.
  • Twitter: Another great potential marketing channel to deliver brand messages, create consensus, learn about prospect and customer likes and dislikes, and jump on promotional opportunities.
  • LinkedIn: The quintessential business networking site provides an opportunity to position your brand and products in front of a relevant business target audience.
  • YouTube: Have some videos to promote? YouTube can help you boost your brand recognition if they’re posted and optimized correctly.
  • Google+:  Google+ is new on the scene, but with Google positioned as the dominant search engine platform, it’s going to be a force when it comes to SEO. Establish your brand presence today and reap the benefits.
  • Many more sites… too many more to list, in fact, but ask us if they’re right for you and your brand.

Explore Digital C4’s social marketing solutions and call us today to get started.

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