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CafeGive Social - Turning Marketing into Cause MarketingSocial Media Marketing activities are typically self-centered. I don’t say ‘self-centered’ in a bad way, just stating a fact that when you’re social media marketing, you’re usually attempting to build online brand visibility, and social community, for you, your business, your brand, or someone else’s brand. I mean, that’s why you spend the time on it right? What if there was a way to do social media marketing that not only helped your business, but helped another business too? “Huh?” you say.


Enter Cause Marketing.  Cause Marketing is the idea of giving back to your community, to not-for-profits, and other good causes through charitable donations while marketing your own company. So, how exactly does it work? Enter CafeGive Social™.


CafeGive Social has created social media apps that provide a way for you to engage in social media marketing activities, growing your social presence, and all the while partnering with not-for-profit organizations to bring awareness and funding to their cause. It’s an amazing way to use marketing activities, that many of us are already doing, to give to a worthy cause on the backend. You might say it is the best of both worlds.


What apps are available through CafeGive? Here are just a few of the social media apps available:



After a recent meeting with CafeGive we were inspired to look into the using one or more of these apps to do our own version of cause marketing.


One example of a creative use of the apps, that the CafeGive team gave us, was a company using the “Like Us Give Back” app to build their Facebook page Likes. This company, that was building Likes, got another company to “sponsor” the campaign and give to a local cause for each LIKE they received. In exchange for the sponsorship their logo and name were used across the campaign as the sponsor. Three companies benefitted in this case! We thought it was an amazing way of thinking outside the bun (as they say), and making your marketing campaigns mean more.


If you want more information about Cause Marketing, or CafeGive Social, visit their website. Give them a shout if you have some ideas for your next campain. They’re very interactive and will help you strategize your next marketing campaign and turn it into a cause marketing campaign. You’ll be glad you did.



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