Google’s Algorithm Change and What it means for Content Syndication

by Chuck Swanson ~ March 24th, 2011

Chuck Swanson So it used to be part of some search engine optimizationstrategies to write articles and then post them on content sites like with links back to the original content or specific product or service pages that pay off the article. Recently Google’s Farmer update stripped many of these article sites from their search rankings, depriving them of the traffic that made them so popular. And while I understand and commend Google for their update – I mean it is all about relevant search results – I think there is some merit in continuing this practice… at least to some extent and depending on your approach.  


Today, content and content marketing are playing a central role in online brand visibility. Without a steady flow of fresh, relevant, well-written content your site will not be maximizing its search engine presence.

Content can come in many forms, all of which – if optimized – can set your site apart from competitors, giving you better online brand visibility, but perhaps even more important – a voice. A seat at the table, as they say, brings thought-leadership which goes miles toward shrinking sales cycles and converting new business.

  • Blogs – establish a blog and let prospects see your passion for what you do, how you do it, and who makes it happen
  • Video – create video content and differentiate yourself. YouTube and Vimeo are great places, beyond your site, to create a presence
  • Articles – write smart articles and syndicate them at article sites as well as distribute them to bloggers and publishers
  • Press Releases – set up shot at and and publish your press releases. Create a media center or integrate them into your blog for more robust, searchable content
  • Enewsletters – interact with prospects, customers and partners and archive them on your site

These content ideas and more are what it takes these days. Explore our site to learn more or give us a call today to walk through countless content marketing ideas that will have you standing out from the crowd.