6 Ideas to Kick-start Your Content Creation – #blogging #content

by Chuck Swanson ~ July 31st, 2013

Chuck Swanson Step one in producing good, compelling content is to gather information and ideas on what you want write about. You might already have a stash of information, white papers, or a mind full of ideas, but at some point – likely sooner than you think – you’re going to find yourself struggling to come up with topics. This is why you often see corporate blogs that start out with a bang, but then over time the posts get further and further apart. But don’t fret! The Internet is full of ideas on pretty much any topic across any number of media that can help you.  

Dissecting 2012 Insights: Content Creation and Blogging

by Jason Nuss ~ December 19th, 2012

Jason Nuss So, yes, we had some predictions around content creation and blogging for 2012. I’ll have to admit though, these weren’t much of a stretch in terms of predicting the future. We all know that focusing on content for SEO, and online brand visibility, has been blowing up. Knowing that, we made some not-so-bold predictions for this past year. Let’s look at the predictions and see if we were remotely close.  

Will blogging help my business generate more leads?

by Jason Nuss ~ October 26th, 2012

Jason Nuss The answer to the question “Will blogging help my business generate more leads?” is YES, but only if you do it right. Blogging is a proven way to increase inbound traffic to your site. I say “proven” because we’ve experienced it firsthand.  

Is Google Really Being Fair?

by Jason Nuss ~ September 26th, 2012

Jason Nuss In a recent ‘rant’ post  titled “Your B2B site doesn’t need more freakin’ words” the topic of content creation was discussed.  The basic premise of the post, and you should definitely read it for yourself, was that SEO’s out there are still working on formulaic SEO writing strategies that include word counts, frequency (as in regular blog posts), and keyword  phrase density, and that they shouldn’t be.  

How to Improve Your Site Interaction and Analytics… Big Time!

by Chuck Swanson ~ July 31st, 2012

Chuck Swanson Here at Digital C4 we help clients improve their online visibility, and we do that by implementing smart search engine optimization tactics and strategies. With today’s search engine algorithm changes there is no tactic or strategy more effective (or important) to improving that visibility than fresh, well-written and produced content – be it a blog, article, press release, SlideShare, or video.  


Today, content and content marketing are playing a central role in online brand visibility. Without a steady flow of fresh, relevant, well-written content your site will not be maximizing its search engine presence.

Content can come in many forms, all of which – if optimized – can set your site apart from competitors, giving you better online brand visibility, but perhaps even more important – a voice. A seat at the table, as they say, brings thought-leadership which goes miles toward shrinking sales cycles and converting new business.

  • Blogs – establish a blog and let prospects see your passion for what you do, how you do it, and who makes it happen
  • Video – create video content and differentiate yourself. YouTube and Vimeo are great places, beyond your site, to create a presence
  • Articles – write smart articles and syndicate them at article sites as well as distribute them to bloggers and publishers
  • Press Releases – set up shot at and and publish your press releases. Create a media center or integrate them into your blog for more robust, searchable content
  • Enewsletters – interact with prospects, customers and partners and archive them on your site

These content ideas and more are what it takes these days. Explore our site to learn more or give us a call today to walk through countless content marketing ideas that will have you standing out from the crowd.