When we speak with blog writing prospects it’s almost a guarantee that we’ll get asked the question:

“Why should I outsource our blog writing to an agency when I can get our employees to do if for free?”

This is a logical question to be sure, but given the number of blog management clients we’re currently working with it’s a question with a solid answer. Here are 6 reasons to outsource your blog writing and management to an agency (or at least to us fine folks at Digital C4):

1. We keep our deadlines so you keep a consistent, steady stream of content to your site.

If you’re in charge of your company blog you know how difficult it is to keep people on schedule when it comes to writing. Heck, just take a look at some company blogs online and you’ll see for yourself. First you’ll see once a week or more. Then twice a month. Then once a month. Then you’ll notice that the last post was 3 months ago. Our blogging clients enjoy consistent and ongoing content populating their blog. It’s our worry, not yours!

2. We deliver optimized content that works hard for your website.

Writing content is one thing. Writing content with SEO best practices in mind is yet another. Delivering content that is optimized for the keywords that drive prospects and customers to your site is what we do. Each blog post comes fully equipped (standard… no upcharge here) with recommended Meta data, outbound links, and even social media post recommendations to make your life easy. If you provide your social media login credentials to us we’ll even push your social media posts for you when we make your blog post live.

3. We won’t run out of topic ideas.

It’s not easy to keep a steady stream of blog topics coming in, but we’ll never run out of ideas for a blog. Why? Well for starters it’s our job! We’ve honed the skills it takes to cull the Interwebs for curation opportunities, so that we can deliver content that speaks to your prospects and customers in your voice, with your brand tone, consistently.

4. We help get the social media conversation started.

Not only do we recommend social media posts for your channels – Facebook, Twitter, Google +, or otherwise – but we share your posts at social media sites like relevant LinkedIn Groups, StumbleUpon, Reddit and other industry niche sites that might be relevant for your organization. This helps initiate dialogue and drive relevant traffic to your posts.

5. We can eliminate the overhead associated with managing your blog in house.

Depending on the extent of your blogging effort you may have one dedicated person responsible for its content. This person costs money in the form of salary, taxes, benefits, etc. When you outsource your blog management to an agency like Digital C4, this overhead goes away. Whether you use one person or many, you can eliminate the time they’re devoted to blog content and leave that worry to seasoned professionals who have your best interest in mind.

6. We can manage your blog, not just your content.

We can provide a soup-to-nuts blog management process that includes creation (design and programming) of your blog, promotion and marketing of your blog, writing and creating content for your blog, and the regular updating and maintenance of your blog as well. Weeding out the spam comments from those that should be posted can be time consuming. We can handle the full circle needs of your blog so you don’t have to.

Blogging is anything but a dinosaur today. The importance of online content for Internet visibility is paramount and a company blog is a great tool to introduce this content. It can play an important role in your website SEO, in your PR efforts, even in building company culture and your hiring needs. A company blog doesn’t have to be a daunting task, unless you want it to be.