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There are more than half a billion professionals on LinkedIn. Start advertising on LinkedIn today!

LinkedIn members stay connected and informed, advance their careers, and often look for the latest and greatest content from their network. LinkedIn is more trusted than other social platforms, and is a great place for B2B lead generation, building brand awareness, and growing your business. Test LinkedIn targeted advertising today!

Boost Your Content

As we’ve said, there are more than half a billion business professionals on LinkedIn. It’s time to put your content out there and take advantage of LinkedIn paid advertising!

Boost Your Content on LinkedIn's Massive Network of Professionals
LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn Sponsored Content Ads

Create content ads specifically for promoting an asset, webinar, or turn your company page posts into Sponsored Content. Either way, you can use your content to attract new company page followers, generate leads and new business, or just build brand awareness. Find out what content resonates best with your audience today!

Sponsored InMail

Sponsored InMail allows you to target your audience with relevant content and deliver it through LinkedIn Messenger. Drive conversions, promote downloads of infographics, white papers, and eBooks, and boost registrations with personal invites to webinars and events. C4 can build the strategy and content to get your Sponsored InMail campaigns rolling.

Sponsored InMail
LinkedIn Advertising - Text Ads

Text Ads

Similar to Google Ads, LinkedIn allows you to display simple Text Ads to get your message in front of a highly targeted audience. The main difference between these ads and Google’s is that LinkedIn is not a search engine, so your ads aren’t being shown through searches, they’re put in front a relevant, professional, audience that you choose. C4 can audit your content for the right asset to promote, or we can create the asset for you, and we’ll get it out the door with some shiny new text ads.

Lead Generation

LinkedIn is the perfect place to drive leads. Do you have a webinar, ebook, infographic, or white paper you want to promote? Or maybe the latest research from your company needs to get out to the masses? Recently launched a new site or app and you need to build awareness? Again, LinkedIn is a great way to fill the funnel and bring leads into your Marketing Automation platform. C4 can build a strategy, asset, landing page, and integrate your marketing automation form so everything is trackable, and your teams get to nurture the leads.

LinkedIn Lead Generation Campaigns
LinkedIn Audience

Your Audience

We all know that LinkedIn allows you to get very granular when building an audience to target. Pick the country, state, or city. Pick the job title or function. Pick the companies you want to target. LinkedIn puts it this way, “For the first time in the history of media, you can reach the world’s professionals—all in one place.” So, create the content you need and get it in front of the largest audience of professionals in the world.

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