Here at Digital C4 we help clients improve their online visibility, and we do that by implementing smart search engine optimization tactics and strategies. With today’s search engine algorithm changes there is no tactic or strategy more effective (or important) to improving that visibility than fresh, well-written and produced content – be it a blog, article, press release, SlideShare, or video.

So, late last year when we decided to remake our website, we thought about how to best showcase our dynamic content. So many sites (like all corporate sites), including our own at the time, have a blog “section” within the main site. The two were living together but not sharing any of the common space so to speak. Given the importance of blog-type content to SEO, as well as to the sales process in today’s social media driven world, we decided to make our blog (dynamic content) the focus of our site.

So in June we launched our new site, complete with a homepage that doubles as our blog. Blog content is integrated throughout the site and visitors are given easier access to content that (frankly) does a much better job of selling who we are as an agency than any static webpage can any day of the week. There’s more integration into our social media channels as well, so site visitors can really interact with us, as well as our content.

So… how has this changed our site analytics and interaction?

Comparing May 2012 (month before launch) with June (month of launch) the following stats tell the story best:

  • Visits up 127%
  • Page views up 482%
  • Pages per visit up 155% (to 5.5 pages per!)
  • Site referrals up 497%
  • Search referrals up 65%
  • Time on site up 72% (to 4:20)
  • Bounce rate down 94% (to 1%!)

Our site bounce rate is down to 1 percent! This means that just about everyone who hits our site finds another page of interest. Crazy stats!

So if you’re thinking about whether fresh content can make a difference in your site experience, our answer would be ‘HECK YA!’. Our advice would be to integrate that content into your site, Today!