So I’ve been on Twitter now for a pretty good while. I enjoy the content that I’m now exposed to and people and companies that I’m discovering. Heck… I learned about the last two major earthquakes via Twitter, so it’s obviously having some effect on the way I’m consuming information. But interestingly enough, what I like the most about Twitter is what at first I was most skeptical about… the 140 character rule.

Most people are exposed to countless hundreds of corporate messages each day – whether we process them or not. With all the new media and the growth of internet usage and time online, this number is sure to increase. What the 140 character rule on Twitter does – at least for me – is focus the message. It focuses the message from a digestion perspective but helps me focus my Tweets, what I “really” want to say and how I say it.

I’m curious how Twitter’s Promotional Tweets advertising platform will play out. Sure, some people don’t like it, but I’m not one of them. If done correctly, I think it will help focus messaging. Plus…Twitter has to somehow create a revenue stream or it runs the risk of going bye-bye. (More on Promotional Tweets in another blog).

So get focused!