A lot of people today think blogs are outdated and old school. I don’t share this opinion. A good company blog forms the foundation of social media conversation. It creates the starting point for social dialogue that can position your company and its employees as thought leaders within your market. It invites prospect, customer, and industry discussion on various topics of interest and it helps to create brand advocates. It also helps to drive corporate website traffic and sales by providing better search visibility around keywords and phrases.

With that said, here are 5 key reasons to establish a corporate blog:

A corporate blog is a powerful SEO tool

A corporate blog can be one of the best SEO tools a company can use to improve online brand visibility in the eyes of search engines. A blog’s content is dynamic – refreshed much more often than a corporate site’s copy. This gives you the ability to add a large quantity of keyword rich content (if written and optimized well) and with links back to your corporate site it can significantly boost your rankings, site traffic and overall online brand visibility.

SIDE NOTE: Ask us how we were able to outrank a 23 year old domain in just 6 short months of blogging for highly competitive keywords and phrases.

Blogs can help an organization deal with crisis

A corporate blog allows you to publish content quickly. For this reason, many people tune into corporate blogs to get the latest information on company or product updates, solutions to possible glitches, or just reaction to a false or accusatory claim. While no company wants to find themselves in any of these positions, a blog – especially one with a good following – can help address a negative situation, often times faster than a good PR effort, and speed is everything in these situations.

Position your company or yourself as a thought leader in your industry

Writing about current trends in your industry, commenting on the latest news, blogs and industry events, will provide valuable insight into your organizational thinking. If marketed well (we can help) your customers, prospects and partners will see and read this thinking. This will work to build trust among your prospects and customers, differentiating you from your from competitors.

Receive valuable customer feedback

A corporate blog can be used for direct communication with customers, prospects and partners and is a great channel for soliciting feedback or opinion. You can create and administer surveys and polls for valuable feedback and trend identification. Your company can use a corporate blog to discover the strengths and weaknesses of products/services without having to spend a large amount of money on customer and market analysis.

Corporate blogs promote transparency

People and companies like to do business with people and companies who openly discuss the way they operate their business, produce and market their products, and bring new innovation to market – this is the new social media paradigm. A corporate blog allows a company to provide insight into the culture of the company – a post on a recent holiday party or a habitat for humanity day as example. While certainly product/solution/service reputations are foremost factors for purchase decision, a company that illustrates a face behind the mask of a corporate site will differentiate itself from competitors.

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