Why Blogs Are Vital To Your BusinessIn the 1990’s, blogs started as a platform for individuals to share their thoughts and opinions online. Today, blogging has evolved into a marketing strategy for large and small businesses to drive traffic to their websites, create more leads, and build trust with their audience.

In fact, a consumer behavior study by Technorati revealed consumers turn to blogs to provide relevant information and influence their buying decisions. A total of 31.1% of consumers said authoritative blogs influence their decision on whether to buy or not.

Business blogs offer companies numerous benefits to increase sales and encourage audience engagement. Here are four important reasons why blogs are vital to growing a business today.

Increase Traffic To Your Website

When your company blog offers relevant information to your audience and visitors, you’ll drive traffic and increase page views on your website. Use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest accounts to post links to new blog posts and provide interesting content and images so your followers want to click. When posts are “liked” and shared, your reach extends further and traffic to your website will continue to increase.

Improve Your SEO

Google loves when businesses offer fresh content on their websites. When you post new blogs on a regular basis, you’ll rank higher on online searches by including keywords and topics related to your business.

To beat your competitors in search engine results, post fresh, informative content that’s rich in keywords. Regular blogging about your industry, products, or lifestyle design will naturally include keywords, but be purposeful with including specific topics, categories, and keywords for searchers to find you. The more valuable content you provide with specific keywords, the higher you’ll rank on Google.

Educate Your Audience

People are searching for information your company can offer. A business blog offers a platform for educating your audience and attracting new visitors. Blogs can cover a wide range of topics including frequently asked questions, industry secrets, “How To…” posts, and product knowledge descriptions. Choose topics to position your company as industry leaders by offering articulate, personal, and well-researched articles. Become known as the hub for finding answers in your industry. Be the expert.

Create A Personal Connection and Build Trust

When you establish yourself as an industry leader, by providing consistent and helpful information, you build trust with your customers or clients. By combining blogs with social media strategies, you’ll improve connection and trust with your audience through conversational, and educational, writing. Building trust improves your brand, and expands your reach, as clients and customers share positive experiences with family, friends, colleagues, and social networks.

If your business website doesn’t have a blog, or section of your site, dedicated to providing educational materials, you could be missing out on opportunities to increase leads and grow your business. Use blogging as a marketing strategy to increase sales, improve SEO rankings, and establish your company as an industry leader.

We understand creating fresh content on a consistent basis can be challenging when you’re running a business. That’s why we’re here to help. At Digital C4, we offer blogging and SEO services to increase traffic and improve your search rankings. Contact us for more information on how we can create fresh blog content to grow your business.

Photo credit to markus spiske.