We provide a lot of custom content for a number of our wonderful clients. It’s both challenging and rewarding. Challenging because some of our clients have sophisticated technology products and services, and writing to that audience must be done carefully. Rewarding because if done well, the content helps create awareness that helps generate and build community.

Custom content creation, while not an easy endeavor, does not need to be over complicated. There’s a process that we go through to gather content. Yes… gather. You don’t necessarily need to write original content for it to be original. Our clients have tons of content – white papers and the like – from where content can be atomized and repurposed into well-written and relevant blog posts. Additionally, the web is full of fantastic content that can be curated and commented on.

Writing for both search engines and target audiences is a challenge. When in doubt we always write for our human audiences, we just make sure to add in some sound optimization along the way to provide better online brand visibility. At the end of the day, our content needs to be visible to people searching for related topics.

That brings us to our final part of the process – sharing. Get that content out there. The web is a big place and your targets need to be able to find it. Share it in your social media networks and at content aggregators. This helps not only build strong links to your content, but provides a channel through which your content can be passed along.

Below is our Custom Content Creation infographic. Now get out there and start creating good content. It’s one of the most important parts of any online brand visibility strategy.

Web Content Life Cycle