A recent article in on Mashable.com listed the following reasons Google+ has an advantage over other social business platforms, and could win over the social enterprise.

  1. Smart Integration With Existing Google Apps
  2. Google+ Already Knows a Lot About You
  3. Google+ Is Uniquely Positioned to Help You Find and Share Interesting Content
  4. Google+ Integrates Public and Private Sharing
  5. Android Phones Sync Easily With the Entire Apps Suite
As I read through this article (http://mashable.com/2011/10/31/google-plus-social-enterprise/) I couldn’t help but agree with some of these points.  The biggest point being that Google+’s now smart integration with Google Apps.  I am a Google Apps user and have been less than happy about wanting to try out Google+ but having to do it on personal Gmail account that I rarely open.  In fact my personal Gmail account just forwards it’s mail to a Google Apps mail account.  So, I found it just to be too much work to open up two accounts, or have multiple accounts open, or to have multiple browsers open just so I could use Google+.  But now I don’t have to do that.  I can use Google Plus by just logging into my email in the morning.  Its right there as part of my business profile.

This should give Google+ a boost in users and maybe slow the decline of activity on the social network that we’ve all read about.  But is this enough to make it win the social media game from an enterprise/business standpoint.  I’m not sure at this point.

Time will ultimately tell about Google+ life expectancy, but Google putting in place a social media networking platform that might help boost search engine optimization through it’s “Plus One” button seems to be insuring businesses will HAVE to take part in the social network.  That’s pretty good “job security” if you ask me.