Another week down, although it’s not like we’re counting down weeks or anything, and we’ve got some pretty interesting articles you should check out.  Instagram pushes new features, McKayla Maroney continues to play along, and, if you’re a woman, you might think about this new technology for picking the right fitting bra for you (I know, but trust us, it’s a good article!).

Instagram 3.0 – Photo Maps & More

Yesterday Instagram released its 3.0 version of the app. Released both for iOS and Android, the new ‘maps’ feature allows you to browse your, or others images, on a map where photos appear where they were geo-tagged at the time of shooting.  Here is how Instagram describes the new experience:

“With every major release, we pick a theme – and for this one we’ve focused on the browsing experience. We’ve introduced a new and unique way to browse your photos and others’ photos on a map, which means you’re no longer constrained to browsing through page after page of photos. “

Read more on Instragram’s blog by clicking the link above. Here’s a walkthrough video:

Instagram 3.0 – Photo Maps Walkthrough from Instagram on Vimeo.

McKayla Maroney Scowls Amiably For Stephen Colbert [VIDEO]

By now we all know the famous McKayla Maroney scowl that she flashed when receiving the silver medal in HER event. Well, since she flashed the scowl she’s had a ton of publicity and continues to be good natured about it.  Her recent appearance, along with other US Women’s gymnasts, on the Stephen Colbert Show was more of the same. If ever there was a way to turn a negative into a positive this is the way, with a smile and sense of humor.  Here is the video:

The Colbert Report
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Finding the Right (Bra) Fit, With Technology’s Help

This New York Times article is an odd article for us to post but we found it to be a great example of online technology solving a very real issue, for women.  Retailers are now trying to draw women away from in-store dressing rooms and get them to use a more convenient, and private, online tools to help them find the best-fitting bras. What caught our attention, besides the word bra, was that a San Francisco startup, True&Co, signed up 20,000 women to its website in the first 36 hours of “opening its doors”.

What we like most about this story is that these companies are realizing the needs of their audience and meeting those needs in a creative, successful way. Companies that do that will find that online marketing efforts just pour gasoline on the fire. 20,000 signups in 36 hours says it all.