One year ago today, my business partner Jason Nuss and I launched Digital C4, and frankly I’m blown away by two things. First I’m surprised at how quickly the year has gone by, but then it seems as I age the years accelerate. Second, I’m somewhat surprised at quickly we’ve grown.We launched C4 in the midst of a recession, when budgets were tighter than they are even today, and yet we’ve continued to grow and evolve our business. We don’t charge what larger agencies do – mainly because I think they charge too much for what they actually provide in value – but also because we need to establish ourselves in the market place, and I think this is appealing for organizations.

The other factor which I think contributes to our growth is that Jason and I really enjoy what we are doing. We’re passionate about C4 and what we stand for. We work hard for our customers. And we have fun along the way. So happy birthday Digital C4! Here’s to many more.