GapSEOAs part of our search engine optimization offering, we continually provide Meta data and page recommendations for our client’s websites.  This includes recommending the proper use of keywords in the Meta title, description, the copy on the page, along with Alt tags and interlinking. This is pretty standard fare for SEO agencies and certainly not ground-breaking for most organizations. What isn’t standard SEO practice, and it baffles me why, is the optimization of an organization’s dynamic site content. Many SEO agencies fail to deliver these same paramount SEO recommendations to their clients. Dynamic content is as important, if not more, than your static site content.

What do I mean by ‘dynamic content’? Well, core website pages rarely change, so I consider these static. They’re important to be sure, but as we all know by Google’s constant stream of algorithm changes, that new, fresh content – dynamic – is even more important for search engine visibility, yet they’re often ignored from an SEO perspective. This makes no sense given their importance!

Enter GapSEO – something we coined (yet I’d be shocked if we ‘invented’ it) – that remedies this for our clients. Blogs, videos, e-newsletters, press releases, articles… anything that our clients create that is considered fresh, new (and dynamic) is sent on over to us for optimization PRIOR to posting live. Implementing SEO best practices can make this fantastic content work harder for you! Is your dynamic content optimized? If not, close the gap, with GapSEO, so it can be found more easily.

GapSEO Photo Credit to Elsie esq.