Google continues its push and focus on fresh, original content with the latest Panda updates rolling out starting tonight. Below is the most recent tweet from @Google.

They link to a blog post on the Webmaster Central Blog that focuses on guidance for building a quality site. This whole Panda series of updates started in February of 2011 and continues to keep the industry on its toes.

Frankly, anything that drives websites and webmasters to build more original content and to build quality links/sites is a good thing. I guess the hard part is how can we trust Google has figured out how to evaluate ‘quality content’? Sure, there’s blatantly BAD content that’s created to ‘trick’ the system into giving it good search rankings. But isn’t there also original content that isn’t optimized, that may appear bad, but is actually really good? Do you trust Google to be able to make that decision for you?

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