The SEO industry and tactics have evolved and changed over the years. Heck, 20 years ago it didn’t even exist! When Google entered the scene in 1998, the game of ranking higher and being indexed began and only in the last decade has stabilization and order began to take root.

Even so, good SEO isn’t simply a game to be played; and it isn’t about rankings. Today it extends much deeper. Good SEO aims to be helpful to consumers, provide simple and accurate information for their web searches, and offer easy ways to call or request more information from their mobile phone. After all, when users are happy Google is happy, and your rankings and conversions naturally improve.

So what the heck is good SEO anyway? First, allow us to remind you what it’s not.

Good SEO isn’t First Page Promises

Wait a second, that’s what we want, right? Let us explain. Marketing agencies may promise to get your business to the first page of Google, but it doesn’t mean people will click on you. Even if they do, they may not convert to new clients or customers.

Good SEO is more than conquering the Google ranking game. It goes deeper and caters to customers and potential customers in a way everybody benefits. So beware of lofty first page promises. In fact, if someone promises a first page Google ranking, I’d walk away… fast!

Good SEO isn’t Black Hat Methods

Black hat SEO is a sneaky way to increase search rankings but goes against the search rankings terms of service and best practices. These back alley methods including keyword stuffing, shady redirects, hidden texts or links, and other tactics deemed black hat by Google. This is not a method long-lasting, trustworthy businesses should take part in.

Avoid working with companies who encourage or use black hat SEO tactics. They don’t add long term value and eventually they end up hurting results.

Good SEO is Quality Written and Visual Content

Pages filled with jumbled keywords don’t cut it anymore. Good SEO offers well-written, conversational content with industry keywords included naturally in the text. However, content is not limited to words on a page. Don’t underestimate the power of visual content to draw interest to your blogs or web pages. Use photos or infographics to attract the eye and explain a process visually.

Good SEO is Tech-Savvy

Ten years ago SEO catered to desktops users. Today, with over half the population on a smartphone, good SEO requires responsive web design with mobile-friendly options. Local searches are happening daily on-the-go via smartphones and tablets. If your website isn’t up to speed, your rankings and conversions could be left in the dust. Good SEO offers a fast, tech-savvy user experience and makes doing business with you easy.

Good SEO Converts New Business

The combination of compelling copy, colorful photos, fast loading times, and mobile optimization will take teetering customers and show them how doing business with you is both fun and simple. Good SEO sets you up for success by combining all of these important elements into one package to get the results you want – better conversions.

So what the heck is good SEO? It’s a combination of behind the scenes methods to provide a pleasant experience for consumers. In doing so, it increases your rankings while improving user experience. The results? More raving fans and higher conversions.

Good SEO is more than just these tactics of course. It’s an ongoing process of putting these tactics to work with purpose. There’s also a host of on-page and off-page elements that work with these to make the magic happen. That said, these elements are paramount to understanding SEO and certainly areas to be wary of. Are you looking for better results? Give us a call. We’ll craft an SEO plan that’s right for you.