Social media marketing gives companies a great opportunity to show and display personality. Have some fun while also being serious!

So much has been made recently of the business benefits of social media marketing, how to leverage social media for lead generation, and measuring ROI from social media that it’s nice to see the lighter side. In fact, I’d argue that the lighter side of social media is just what businesses need!

Business is business. It’s serious stuff! I get it… heck, I live it. But I think we need to all take a step back and realize that people by from people. Sure reputation matters. But I want to do business with a company that employs real people. I want to do business with a company that has a personality. I think that businesses that have some fun with social media (while still embracing the serious side) will stand to gain much, much more than they would ever lose.

While this example I came across on Facebook is from a friend of mine – or at least shared from a friend of mine – it’s a great example of how humor can not only help customers and prospects see through the steel curtain that protects whatever it is businesses feel they need to protect, but it can start to form relationships – relationships based on the same sorts of things you and your friends value.