Proper Twitter management entails being transparent, respectful, and active, but it also means being found, and while following these three pillars of Twitter usage etiquette will help, so will a profile in some directories.

Here are 6 of our favorite Twitter directories that you may want to consider as you manage your Twitter account and improve your online brand visibility.

  1. Twellow– It’s the Twellow pages for Twitter, and it has a decent number of profiles. We like it because it allows you to categorize your profile, and search for other Twitter users by interest or subject area. You can also create an extended profile with links back to your site, which is nice from an SEO perspective as well.
  2. My Twitter Directory– Like Twellow, this directory allows you to categorize your profile and create an extended bio, though not quite as long as Twellow. Note… we noticed (at least when we use it) that you need to let it authorize your account twice. The first time it just returns the same screen. A hiccup easy to get around anyway.
  3. Twibs. Okay we really like the name, but it does have a growing following and we’re betting that it will add some greater functionality as a result. It currently does have categories and you can also add some keywords on top of that, but it only pulls your short Twitter profile.
  4. Just Tweet It. Your profile is somewhat limited, but they have a nice list of categories from which to choose from.
  5. Loaded Web. This is a geo-based Twitter directory and has no Twitter profile features, but it is also a blog directory and we like the dual nature of the site.

If you manage your social media marketing or Twitter account for your company, go ahead and spend the hour or so it will take to register at the above directories. It’ll help expose your profile to new audiences, improve your online brand visibility, while providing a link back to your site. Be sure to use those keywords in your profile!