Almost anyone can create decent content. But exceptional content? Now, that takes more effort and planning.

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “Content is King,” which is true. But if you send out lots of mediocre content, it creates extra noise in an already saturated market. And frankly, it doesn’t do you or your business any good.

To create exceptional content, your focus should be on your reader and less about meeting a daily or weekly quota. Exceptional content is purposeful. It aims to be useful to your audience or produce an emotional response. It creates a connection and inspires action.

So, how do you go from good to exceptional content? Use the following tips to improve your content and engage your audience.

Get to Know Your Audience

First things first, get to know the audience you’re writing content for. This may mean conducting market research, emailing out an online survey, or talking to clients/customers on the phone. Gather facts about who you’re writing to so you know what concerns them and how to help.

This research process develops a “Buyer’s Persona” where you’ve identified their demographics, frustrations, employment, lifestyle, hobbies, and even their hopes and dreams. Don’t write content to your boss or other competitors anymore. Write like you’re talking face-to-face with the people who matter most – your audience.

Be Interesting

Choose burning topics your audience is interested in reading. By discovering your buyer’s persona, you can create a list of commonly asked questions or daily frustrations your audience experience. Make your content ‘binge-worthy’!

Look around for topics that are most shared or linked to and put your own spin on them. Keep your topics interesting and whatever you do, don’t be boring.

Don’t Be Afraid to Share Your Opinion

As you consider lively topics, don’t be afraid to take a stand or state your opinion. Content that rides the fence all the time is quickly forgotten. People want something fresh. Something that challenges them. So don’t be afraid to pivot from the norm and share your own ideas.

Keep It Simple

Though it may be tempting to use flowery language and descriptions, the best marketing reads like you talk. Your goal is to make your message clear and concise for the reader. If they can’t follow along, you’ll lose them.

The best part? This removes the pressure of you being a literary genius. Your goal is to remain focused on the reader and speak clearly.

To write clearer content:

  • Alternate sentence lengths
  • Use shorter words
  • Keep paragraphs to 3-4 sentences
  • Step away and review later with fresh eyes
  • Use bullets and headers
  • Read it aloud to hear how it sounds
  • Learn more great writing ideas

Treat It Like a Product

It takes a lot of time, research, and strategy to develop a good product. You wouldn’t hastily throw something together and toss it out on the market to see what happens, would you?

The same goes with creating exceptional content. It requires a well thought-out content marketing strategy. You’ll research the challenges people face and use this knowledge to plan and develop content that’s relevant and useful. Exceptional content isn’t created overnight. It takes time and starts with a plan.

Seek to Inspire and Motivate

Exceptional content connects people to businesses or brands. It reaches them on a deeper emotional level by understanding their basic needs and offering solutions.

Use content to educate, offer insights, and inspire as a tool to attract and keep interest. As your content bridges the gap between businesses and people, you’ll associate trust and confidence with your brand.

The main takeaway from this? Get to know your audience and understand that creating exceptional content takes time and planning. If you need help developing a stellar content strategy for your business, give us a call. We can help build a plan to take your content from good to great.