When we started Digital C4 back in early 2010 we just offered search engine optimization (SEO) and paid search marketing – mainly Google Ads. Writing blog posts and developing content for clients was on our radar, but it wasn’t something we really considered as a service offering. Fast forward to 2020 and today blog management and writing is our number one service offering and a huge part of our client’s SEO success.

In fact, I’d argue (successfully at that) that an active blog is one of the most important things an organization can do to drive quality, search engine traffic. See for yourself… head on over to Google Search Console and check out what keywords are driving traffic to your website. You’ll likely see that most of them are brand-related. They are variants of your company name, product or solution naming. That’s completely normal. A good SEO solution can help improve the non-brand keywords driving site traffic, but it will rarely overcome the brand-related keywords that deliver traffic.

A blog is different. A keyword check for an active blog with show mostly non-brand keyword traffic. This is the traffic you want. It’s prospects! It’s folks who are not necessarily familiar with your brand but are searching for products and solutions that you address.

CLICK TO DOWNLOAD -The Digital C4 Guide to Business Blogging - A Must for your Marketing ToolboxSo… we’ve established how important a blog is in delivering new and fresh traffic. What now? Well for starters you can download our eBook – The Digital C4 Guide to Business Blogging. In it, you’ll find a wealth of information on blogging, including:

  • The benefits of smart blogging
  • The characteristics of good blog content
  • Writing tips to make your blog stand out
  • Tools to find and organize blog topics and content

And perhaps most importantly… reasons to outsource your blog management and writing to an organization like Digital C4. We’ve been managing and writing blogs for our business to business clients for almost 10 years and have the success stories to prove that our approach delivers results.

Reach out today for a complimentary content audit. We’ll provide you with an opportunity analysis on how a blog might benefit your organization. We can also share some thought on how we can help make blogging at your organization easy and painless. Like I said earlier… a blog might be one of the most important things you can do as a marketer to drive increased traffic.