Many of us in the marketing world know the value of an audience targeted landing page.  Whether you’re launching a new product pay per click campaign, or an email campaign to your clients, it’s best to have a landing page where you drive the user to an end goal without all the ‘distractions’ a corporate site might have.  Sending users to a targeted landing page can often be the difference between a sale and a bounce.  What many of you may not know, if you’re in marketing or not, is that creating landing pages is not as time consuming as you may think.  Seriously!  You can have a page up and running within an hour or less.

Digital C4 has been putting together landing pages for clients since we launched our agency.  It is part of our strategy on most campaigns when the end result is selling something, downloading something, or simply driving awareness. We found ourselves in need of a solution that would allow us to quickly do the following:

  • spin up pages without the need for IT
  • fully customize page layouts for each client
  • gather stats on campaigns like leads and traffic, and export that data
  • customize URLs
  • build reports

As a ‘small business’ we also wanted something that was hosted, a SaaS (Software as a Service) application (think cloud), that wouldn’t cost a bunch of money upfront.  We like the monthly “rental” option as opposed to buying.  What we found was a platform for building and testing landing pages called Unbounce.  Now we want to disclaim that this is NOT a paid endorsement.   We’re just sharing a cool tool we use to help our clients achieve their goals.  We’re totally open to getting paid though, so if Unbounce wants to pay us for this they can reach out from our Contact Us page.

And if you think it sounds too easy, well it really is. I wish I would have created this platform and someone else was blogging about me, but I digress. Let me go a little further than the graphic above.

Number 1, Build a Page, goes a little like this:

Login and click “Create a New Landing Page”. You’ll have the option to choose an Unbounce template, they have 13 templates available, or you can start with a Blank Template. Name the page, add a description if you like, and click “Save and Edit”. From there it’s as easy as double clicking the content sections on your landing page, adding your own copy, uploading your logo, and saving the page.

Once you have saved the page you just need to publish your page. As you can see by the image below you have the option, before you publish, to set a custom URL for your landing page. We typically create a sub-domain, like, and then give the page a keyword centric name. For the purposes of this blog we named the page If you were marketing your attorney services, or offering software, you would obviously use something more like Here is a landing page we’re using for our blogging services:

Click Publish Landing Page and you’re set. Start sending traffic to your new landing page. Whether it’s via Pay per Click or via Email Campaign you will definitely see an uptick in warm/hot leads.

Here are a few more awesome features that we use that you may find useful:

  • A/B Variant Testing:  Unbounce makes it VERY easy to do A/B variant testing.  Just duplicate a variant, change the images and    copy, and publish.  Once you’ve created a new variant, you can control how much of the time to display each variant in percentages.  Go 50/50 or 30/70.  Once you have a winning page you can crank that variant back up to 100%.
  • Google Analytics:  Be sure to add Google Analytics tracking code to your pages.
  • Favicon:  Add your custom favicon.
  • Email Notifications:  Get emails the instant a lead comes through.
  • Video:  Add a video widget to your landing page and post your YouTube videos.
  • Social Widgets:  Add Google Maps, Twitter Streams, Facebook Feeds, Blog RSS, Flickr Photo Sets
  • MailChimp Integration:  You can send all form leads from your landing page directly into MailChimp email tool for email list management.   Some companies use Landing Pages just to build their email lists.  Not a bad idea if email campaigns are important to your business.

As you can see you can do a lot with landing pages, and it doesn’t take a lot of time.  You can have a page up in an hour. We also realize that the more customization and integration you do the more time it will take.  If you know you want full customization, from custom design to 3rd party integrations, and you know you don’t have time, give us a shout and we’ll help you out.  Call or go to our Contact Us page.

If you know of another landing page tool that’s awesome let us know.  Again, we use Unbounce but we’re not being paid by them so if there is something out there just as cool let us know!