Five Ways to Use SEO To Make Your Users HappyEverywhere people are searching for happiness and they’ll leave no rock unturned. What if you could use SEO to make people happy?

You see, Google likes their users to be happy and they’ve made lots of great changes to improve user experience. We could learn a thing or two by Google’s approach and from the many successful businesses who focus on customer happiness. In fact, when you focus on providing a positive user experience, Google rewards you with better search rankings. It’s a win-win!

In the spirit of good cheer, we’ve put together five ways to use SEO to spread happiness to your users.

Offer Relevant Content With Perfect Timing

Both Google and users prefer websites that are “alive”. This means your website is consistently being updated with new, relevant content for your users.

Post blogs, videos, and news updates with relevant content for your industry. Current trends in industries are constantly changing and users are attracted to businesses that are knowledgeable, follow current trends, and provide timely updates.

Save Time With Fast Websites

The fastest way to make a user unhappy is by having a slow loading website. In fact, you have a total of four seconds before users lose interest.

If your customers are forced to wait, they’ll take their business elsewhere. To increase the happiness level of your users, reduce large file images and decorative elements which slow loading time and cause your users to wait.

Update Content Consistently

Update your website daily, or a few days a week, with fresh, new content. Consistency tells users your business is a game player in your industry and you value them by offering useful information, tips, and tools to help make their life easier.

Whether you choose to post updates once a week or more, make sure you have a consistent schedule of providing value to your users. Users love consistency and it makes both your audience and Google very happy.

Build Audience Trust Naturally

When you have a well-designed website and are consistently churning out new, valuable content, trust with your audience builds naturally. Good content is shared on social media causing your brand and product or service to become more visible. Trust is built as you jump over the business to consumer barrier and make the user experience personal.

Share personal stories of your customers and offer free, relevant information to show your business cares and you’re invested in your users. As trust builds, your users will invest in you and encourage their friends to do the same.

Maintain Your Message Across Devices

With the many options we have today to view information, your message should be consistent across all devices. Responsive web design creates websites that transform based on the device your user has in hand.

Whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or TV, your website should look and feel the same. Responsive web design eliminates needing separate mobile sites and keeps your users happy with a consistent look and feel.

The takeaway: Google rewards websites that make users happy. Increase user happiness and improve your search rankings by putting these tips into action. Shoot us an email if your website needs updated for SEO or if you need help providing consistent content. We have just the services you need to build trust with your audience and make your customers smile.

Photo credit to Alex.