Last June we undertook a website overhaul that resulted in us placing our blog content on our homepage. This isn’t revolutionary by any stretch, but we wanted to showcase a fresh stream of content relevant to what we do as an agency; I mean after all, isn’t that what site visitors (and… ahem… Google too) want?

The immediate results were quite remarkable, but then comparing site analytics the month after a refresh can certainly skew metrics so now that we’re approaching that one year mark since we made our site more content driven we wanted to compare its metrics once again to before the update. We compared this past February to present (2/1 – 4/16/2013) to last a comparable timeframe before the update, March to May (3/1 – 4/14/2012). Here are the numbers:

  • Site visits:                            Up 63%
  • Page views:                        Up 285%
  • Pages/visit:                         Up 135%
  • Site referrals:                     Up 140%
  • Search referrals:               Up 53%
  • Time on site:                      Up 59%
  • Bounce rate:                      Down 97%

These are numbers that would have any digital marketing agency or SEO provider excited, but the number above that I still find remarkable is the bounce rate. Our bounce rate is a shade over 2 percent! This means that 98 percent of our site visitors find something interesting enough to click through to. Site stickiness…

In the next iteration of our site we’ll be adding relevant blog and resource feeds to our product and service pages. We feel that while our product and service pages explain what we do nicely, its blog style content that really depicts how we feel and approach those very services, and that’s more interesting to smart buyers today.

Some of our clients are seeing the value that this approach can bring and they’re starting to implement plans for site updates as well. We’ll be blogging more about how our next website content integration performs and what our clients find as well, so come back soon!